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hi guys.. i need help with alloy wheel fitments for my audi a3 as i have not had much luck with buying alloy wheels for cars. i previously bought black polished bbs lm rims. the fronts were 8j and the rears were 9j the fitment was perect but the offset was wrong.. they were et 35 and they were slightly sticking out of the arches at the rear.. so to avoid any trouble from the traffic coppers i thought i sell them off. I am now looking for a new set of alloys for the a3 and was wondering what is the best offset to get for the a3 wiv 8j wheels.. and any sugguestions on what rims to go for?

please help!


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yeah offset is crucial, you need at least 45mm. Most reps for Audi/VW come in either 35 or 45 so make sure you get the right ones!

Offsets around 48-50 are best but its rare to get replicas in anything more than 45mm, they will fill the arch nicely


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Anything you get with 45 offset will fit OK... if you are dropped by a fair margin though I'd suggest getting nothing wider than 8" or you will rub.

I am dropped by about 35mm on H&R springs and with my wheels I get a lot of rub with ppl in the car. Mine are 8.5" with 45 offset though... Here is what it looks like.



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Or you run stretch, I am running 19"x8.5 ET45 with a 215/35 and a 65mm drop, ro rubbing whatsoever


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I am looking to put audi OEM 19" rs4 wheels on my 2004 A3 , some guides say they will fit others say they wont , any ideas ? I am not planning on dropping the suspension so it is standard.
Part number for the wheels is : 4F0601025BA
112x5 pcd et is 48...
any help would be much appreciated