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hi guys av bought alloys for my audi now they are 5x100 and a need spacers for them can any one help

also guy sed they came off golf
there in good nik also
payed 90 thought that was good with tyres


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I think that's the wrong stud pattern isn't it? So when you say spacers you mean adapters?

Contact @DPM Damian will sort you out


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Your definition of "good nik" is different to mine :laugh:

Also they are the wrong fitment. A3 8P models are all 5x112. So I presume you mean adapters instead of spacers.

The problem you'll have there is most 5x100 fitment wheels have an offset of around ET35 and with the smallest adapter generally being 15mm the final offset will be ET20.

This would be far to low an offset for your A3 and as such I bet the wheels will sit out past the arches.

Still £90 for 4 tyres is good ;)


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aww and they other ones arent as bad as this one never had time just quick pic so are they nuffink a can do get these on my car


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Double check the offset yourself mate. Should be stamped on the back of the wheel but if it's anywhere around ET35 I doubt you would get them to fit properly. In my opinion it would be more hassle than it's worth making them fit.