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Alloy centre rings

Cairnsy13 Mar 30, 2016

  1. Cairnsy13

    Cairnsy13 Registered User

    So during the weekly wash tonight when it came to the alloys I noticed that the 4 rings badges on the centre of the alloy were sticking out slightly, so much so that I could grab them with my fingers and they came off with no effort at all, I checked them all and 3 out of 4 alloys had the same problem, the fourth sitting flush with what looked like no way of getting them off.

    I've attached a few pictures to see what I'm on about and I've taken the 3 badges off for the meantime as I dont want then falling off while on the move! Has anyone else noticed this?

    20160330_201151.jpg 20160330_201159.jpg 20160330_201225.jpg 20160330_201437.jpg
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  3. pburv

    pburv Registered User

    Thanks for the heads up Cairnsy13..Will be checking mine in the morning......If they are still there..lol
    Will you glue them on or get them replaced by the dealers?
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  4. Cairnsy13

    Cairnsy13 Registered User

    To be fair I'll probably try and remove the glue tabs that are there (may prove difficult due to how fragile they look) but if I glue them on at least I know they won't be coming off again
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  5. Rob2k68

    Rob2k68 Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    That's not a great look without the rings wonder what's caused that ?

    I replaced all 4 of my centre caps recently as they rattled - if you put your hand on the centre they would wobble from side to side - only been off 3 times for when I painted hubs, changed springs and tyres so no idea what caused that.
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