All the electrics briefly died on starting.


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So last night I finished work, drove the 25 mins to the petrol station, mixture of urban and motorway. Filled up with diesel, the car is an Audi A4 cab 2lt BPW 58plate.
Came to start the car, turned the ignition on, everything normal, as the car went to turn over the dash lights died the satnav/stereo died. It turned slightly (as if the battery was about to die, then turned over again and started. Ran perfectly but the red service light came on with the exclamation mark. Got home ranca diagnostics it only came up with 01616 passive/sporadic signal wire for interior monitoring.
The battery is 18months old has never put a foot wrong. Car started first turn over this morning and ran perfectly.
Has anyone any advice on what it might be.


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i'd be checking fuses, relays and wiring for any defects.
Hopefully someone qualified can be more precise.