All Season Tyres - Nokian Weatherproof any good?


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Sep 19, 2015
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Looking to buy 4 x Nokian Weatherproof tyres for all year usage.

Seen the highly rated reviews online etc........etc.......... Seem to good to be true (usually are)

But has any real Audi drivers used these? or can recommend any other all weather/season tyres.

One of my work colleagues has just fitted 4 of these to his 184bhp GT TDI Golf after having a discussion with me at work a few weeks ago.
Have a look at for the cheapest prices. Will ask him next week how he's getting on with them.
Yeah..........Around £95 a corner. Be good to hear anybody's review. Just fed up with changing from Summer to Winter tyres all the time. So was hoping the all weather tyres we get now have improved and live up to the all season handling......
I had Verdestein Quatrac 5s on my previous 330d. They aren't as good as winters but it was enough to keep me from the ditches and got me out of our road which is on a hill. Summer tyres I could barely get it out the drive!!!

I'm hearing great things about the Michelin Cross Climates but when I saw my tyre guy last week he said UK stocks are getting low...sadly I couldn't wait and needed 4 same day so summer tyres won.
Great tyres for winter. Had them on my e90 M3 and able to drive in snow better than a fwd
Used various types of Nokian tyres in Northern Scandinavia for the last 3 winters there and they wont be beaten for winter driving
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Decided on 4 x Nokian WR A3

Will see how these perform in cold/wet/snow conditions.
I have WR A3 Nokians on my A4 in 225/50/17 size, very happy with them last year, although we didn't see any snow I have no doubt they would do the job.

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