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  1. Chris Groom

    Chris Groom New Member

    Hi all
    Wonder if anyone can help with what might be a strange question. Although it's just a winter car I've been thinking about getting some new rims for my AJQ A3 Quattro Sport. So to see what space I've got to play with I have measured the gap from the edge of the inside of the tire to suspension and the edge of the outside wheel rim to the outside of the wheel arch just to give me a starting point of what space I have, the odd thing is I have a 7mm difference between the driver's side and passenger side front wheel rims to the outside of the arches, driver's side has 25mm and the passenger side is 18mm, this is with standard 6.5X16 Et42 rims. So thinking that the camber must be miles out or something bent I took it to my local tyre place for a four wheel laser alignment, they said that as far as they can tell nothing is damaged or bent and it was only slightly off spec, they brought it all back within spec and said it's fine, brought it home and the measurements are the same. I mentioned to them about what I had found and they said it's nothing to worry about, I'm not worried as the car handles fine but more curious why. Plus if I want to get the wheels as close to the outside of the arches it's going to be a pain to my OCD seeing a 7mm difference in the gaps. Anyone else noticed this when measuring to fit new wheels?

    Thanks for reading my lengthy post.

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  3. hydro s3

    hydro s3 S3 amk

    I've never measured mine to know if there is any difference like that but I'll measure mine tomorrow and put it up here.
    Mines a s3 8l don't know if that will make a difference but we will see.

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