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Alfa Romeo 147 GTA


Big Ron
I know its Italian, I know it will probable break, I know the dealers are crap, I know it is nose heavy and front wheel drive.. but its an Alfa it has V6, 250 BHP and just look at it :wub: :wub: :wub:

[URL="http://files.conceptcarz.com/img/Alfa%20Romeo/alfa_romeo_2004_manu_147_gta_06.jpg"] [/URL]

[URL="http://files.conceptcarz.com/img/Alfa%20Romeo/alfa_romeo_2004_manu_147_gta_04.jpg"] [/URL]

[URL="http://files.conceptcarz.com/img/Alfa%20Romeo/alfa_romeo_2004_manu_147_gta_09.jpg"] [/URL]

Top spead 153 mph 0-60 6.2 seconds

I say its :cool:
I think they look cool, but would never buy 1, unless it was for a 10th of the actual value or somethings & was in A1 condition with fsh, full t&t etc etc

Craig :cool:
Uncool. Although rated in EVO magazine, it's just too nose-heavy in my opinion and who else remembers that hilarious piece on Top Gear as the 147 torque-steered its way round the track? How I laughed.

But the real kicker is the build quality. A mate is PX'ing his 147 2.0 next week for a Porsche Boxster, but when driving to collect it mustn't take his 147 over 3500rpm, lest the big-end bearing lets go after a week of a ticking noise when warm. It's just the tip of the iceberg for his 2001 car; loads of electric faults and engine ancilleries have meant lots of trips to the Alfa dealer.


Registered User
Absolutely love them drove one a few times, the top gear stuff was absolute rubbish as per usual - car handled very very sweetly if you had any sort of throttle control.

Looks and sounds the dogs too mmmmm

Iirc they actually hold their value reasonably well too - shame they fall to bits


Diesel Power!
i think its a really sexy cars...but all alfa's are....look really nice and was actaully considering swapping to one after the audi...just a bit wary about the reliability issues...they havent got the best record.


under pressure
sub zero
ice cold
molto bella


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I agree with QUATTRO REP about the reliability thingies and the parts availability
but hey, the car is amazing, beautifull, stylish, sexy.. if only it comes with a AWD setup.. i'm not a big fan of FWD cars that has more than 200 Hp.
overall, i would love to own one.


Has a throbbing red german.

My dad has driven a few of the press verions, with uprated suspension and have been chipped..

fantastic car, a bit crazy handling wise, but puts a huuuge smile on your face :D


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Les 51

A pint of Diesel please!
Most italian cars are fabulous, you have to take them for what they are though (I have a 30 year old one sat in a garage! needing work!) but I love them and that one looks great. you will find these days the most you have to worry about is depreciation, which will be huge! and the interior is a bit dodgy. Most are pretty reliable now and with galvanised bodies rust is not really a problem either (unlike mine which is very friendly with the rust bug)


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On looks alone its a sub zero car. If I ever end up in a position of living close enough to work to not have to rely on a car to get me there then I'd get something like that for sure.

Oh and it'd have to be a pearlescent white one :hubbahubba:


VAG erfahren
I was seduced by the good looks a few years back and ran a 146 twinspark for a while. Nothing actually went wrong with it, but it just did absolutely nothing for me.
Beautiful Momo leather seats, but you were sat too high,
Lovely Proteus Red metallic paint, so soft it would chip if you sneezed near it,
Handling was iffy, engine was good, but everything felt a bit too fragile.
Didn't lose any money on it though (bought it as a cheap ex-fleet car from a dealer who couldn't be bothered cleaning it, sold it polished and serviced after a years use for £200 more than I paid for it.)
Still happy to be back in my Audi, wouldn't touch an Alfa again, no matter how pretty - just not my kind of car.