Alarm siren not working and interior rear reading light


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Hi guys

Posted in the b8 area but likely this could have been an issue on other models so looking for advice from anyone who had similar.

Swapped out my siren on my 2012 Avant at the weekend because it's not chirping on lock or going off as an alarm.

Read alot about the internal siren batteries going bad so I thought that must be my problem but it's still not working

If I lock the car and stick my head through the window the hazards flash.

Now I guess I could have got unlucky with the second hand one I bought on eBay but it says it was tested working.

After clearing the error it comes back straight away..

I also did have a rear right door control module error pop up which seems to have cleared for the time being. Both details below. I see that door lock actuators can be an issue too but this seems more control module than actuator. Doors seem to lock and open fine.

Oh and one other mystery which could be related. Rear interior dome / reading light doesn't work at all. Stuck a voltmeter on it and I couldn't get a reading on the plug to it.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Module Comfort System System description: BCM2 2.0 Software number: 8K0907064CQ Software version: 0435 Hardware number: 8K0907064CQ Hardware version: H05 Serial number: 0162437474 Long coding: 013F0E2220B90C958030023280000000 Subsystems: System description: DWA-Sensor Software number: 8K0951177 Software version: 0040 Hardware version: H02 System description: J245 PS150 Software number: 8K0959591B Software version: 0043 Hardware version: H08 System description: J394 PS240 Software number: 8K0959591B Software version: 0043 Hardware version: H08 Trouble codes: 01134 - Alarm horn No signal/communication

Electronics Rear Right System description: TSG HR Software number: 8K0959795F Software version: 0357 Hardware number: 8K0959795F Hardware version: H11 Serial number: 0000018114015 Long coding: 010C12204021210001 Trouble codes: 02115 - Lock unit for central locking Implausible signal