Alarm help please.


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I have fitted a Clifford concept 650 mkii alarm as my siren did the usual Audi thing of dying.
I have managed to fit everything but one thing is confusing me, I have fitted the central locking wires to the blue and green wires in O/S kick plate like picture one states at bottom, this works perfect with the vacuum pump diagram the Clifford manual gave me in second picture, but I want to fit to the red/brown and the grey wires like in picture one, so I have comfort windows as well, the problem is that if I connect the Clifford wires to the grey unlock wire and the red/brown lock wire it will lock the window and I can shut windows, but it wont unlock, it just makes the pump make a vacuum noise as though it is going to unlock but nothing happening, but if I use original Audi fob it unlocks, Im stuck any ideas pretty please :)


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