Alarm going off...


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Drive into a multi story car park just now. Windows and roof closed. Lights on Auto. Got out, locked car. 30 seconds later alarm going off.

Return to car, check everything is closed etc, same thing happened 30 seconds later.

And a 3rd time. Gave up. Drove home. Parked. Alarm now fine.

Anyone got any ideas?

(...aside from online shopping)


Reminded me a little of a story when someone parked outside their house and some low life's kept setting the alarm of to the point that the owner couldn't work out what was going on and left it switched off for a little piece. Bingo, car was last seen driving of down the road.

Not likely to be the case here but made me wonder.


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I had occassions when heavy rain set off the alarm, but only the indicators flashed, not the sounder. I only knew because my neighbours told me it was happening.
Found out that this same issue was not a one off and in the AudiWorld forums across the pond other owners were citing the same issue that had a TSB on it.
When I last had the car serviced I mentioned this and quoted the TSB, only there wasn't one in the UK but there was something that was similar.
After the update had been applied I have not had a repeat of this. But here is the link to the AudiWorld post


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Mine did that... kept doing it sporadically whole system ended up being replaced (under warranty) by Audi. Hope it’s not that!

Paul Golding

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I've had this happen a few times now too. Fortunately it does it soon after locking though, so after un-locking and locking a few times (which doesn't seem to do the trick), I've found that un-locking, open and close the door, and re-lock seems to sort it out. Very random.


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Mine kept doing this, sometimes with the siren sounding, sometimes not.

Audi dealer ended up discovering a number of faulty sensors in the doors and boot, which they replaced under warranty.

Fingers crossed, it’s been fine since...