AJL 1.8t Timing Bottom Sprocket Removal


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Just seeing if anybody has done a timing belt replacement, and removed the bottom timing belt sprocket in order to do the front crank seal?

In the coming weeks I’ll be doing a complete timing belt kit replacement, with aux belts, and water pump, and thermostat. But was also hoping to replace the front crank seal, as I can see this has been weeping over time. However, after looking at some write ups, and watching tutorials, it appears you need some sort of crank sprocket holding tool.

Now as I work in the trade, I’ve had a look at the AST timing tools we handle, and they list a camshaft sprocket holding tool, but not a crankshaft sprocket holding tool. Has anybody used a crank sprocket holding tool.? From which company? And did it do the job you wanted?

Also slightly confused, as AST list a timing pin tool for this engine, but when you look at tutorials, they have simply used the timing marks. The mechanic who is helping me to do this job, has said it would be preferable to use the holding pins if there is a set available. But none of these tutorials show the job done using timing pins. Every other timing belt I’ve done on any other engine, has had at least a pin to lock the crank in place after you have found TDC.

Any help that you guys have, I’ll gladly accept, and appreciate very much. Thank you.