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Airbag Resistor: Which two wires??

Final 3Green Land Jun 19, 2018

  1. Final 3Green Land

    Final 3Green Land Member Audi A4


    I have an A4 TDi of 1998 vintage that I have temporarily swapped, the front seats whilst my originals are being refurbished...

    My queries is, which two wires do I connect the resistor to, to allow for the Airbag light to be extinguished.

    There are three wires, a brown... A white with a blue trace and a white with a brown trace.

    Anyone know the answer? The searches I have done have not given me the solution....


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  3. desertstorm

    desertstorm Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User TDi Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro

    Even if you connect a resistor to the wires the air bag light will remain on until the fault codes are cleared. Do you have access to Vag-com ?.
  4. Final 3Green Land

    Final 3Green Land Member Audi A4

    That wasnt my question but I do....

    The thing I need is advice on which of the three wires are bridged by the resistors?? The wiring colours appear different from most other posts on here...

    And, just in case you were wondering, the battery has been disconnected from the beginning of the exercise so shouldn't throw a red light anyway.. :hi:
  5. Final 3Green Land

    Final 3Green Land Member Audi A4

    Well, again, I have managed to get to the correct answer...

    The brown earth wire can be disregarded completely.

    The resistor of 4.7 ohm is then connected between the two wires in the yellow connector.

    I soldered the resistor to these two wires, then insulated them leaving the connector plug in place for when the original seats are refitted. The resistor can then be cut out of the loom.

    AND, as these changes were made without the battery being connected, NO VAGCOM/VCDS was required and when the battery was reconnected and the ign switched on, the airbag light extinguished after about five seconds.

    Just to sum up for those with out VCDS...

    If you disconnect the battery before you do any work on this circuit, NO VAGCOM/VCDS is necessary.

    :thumbs up::thumbs up::rock::rock::hi::hi:
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