Airbag problem


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I have a problem with my new airbag. Some few weeks a go I bought new, unused airbag (from ebay) with 3 spoke soprt steering wheel. My current steering wheel is 4 spoke. I tried replacing the 4 spoke wheel and airbag with my new 3 spoke one, but after hooking the battery back on the airbag light will stay on. I have used vag com to check the errors and this is what came up:
00588 - Airbag Igniter: Driver Side (N95)
Upper limit exceeded
I know that there is several many possibilities what could be wrong:
airbag wiring -> have tried 2 different cables and both are new
control module -> if I change the 4 spoke wheel and bag back, everything works fine
clockspring -> same answer as above, BUT DOES THE 3 SPOKE WHEEL + AIRBAG need different clockspring or some other parts changed / installed
It would ne nice to get a solution to this because this mod has been nothing but trouble and sucked also lots of money.
The car is A4 Avant quattro 2004 with 1.8T engine.