AIRBAG light come on! arrghh


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airbag light has come on on me 1.8T quattro

what do i do?

do i need to take to to audi n pay there extortionate prices or is there a simple fix?

what could have caused it to just come on n stay on?

also my mates brothers got one of those proper audi fault dignostic machines as he used to work for them, would it be worth me borrowing that n linking it up? what sort of stuff do they do?

cheers lads:icon_thumright:


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If you have access to diagnostic equipment, then i'd use it, If you connect to the airbag controller - it will detail the fault.

These controllers are susceptable to damage through vibration or it could be as simple as a seat connection loose.

good luck


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My first place to look at would be the airbag connections under the seat, undo you car battery first, then just undo the airbag connectors, spray some electrical contact cleaner or WD40 on them and re-connect. Now you will need a diagnostic tol of some sort, usually vagcom, to reset the airbag light.
This is the most likely cause, as both my S3 and Passat have had the same problem in the last year, and both cars are 7 and 8 years old respectively.


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or check the display in the overhead consol that says "passenger airbag off" if that's not working it can also throw an airbag light


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nice one cheers lads

i will check the cables under the seat out:icon_thumright: n i reckon i can get hold of one of those diagnostic tools!

shineydave, already checked out mate



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mine only comes on sometimes if the passanger seat is moved, even then it goes out about 5 mins after driving

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