Q7 Air suspension


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Q7 4,2 TDI-2008

While driving the car lowered itself from comfort to dynamic, I wasn´t driving fast enough for it to do so properly.

The yellow warning light with a car and a downward arrow came on.

It doesn´t respond to any settings in the mmi even though the different modes aren´t grey.

It doesn´t respond to the buttons in the back for lowering it to loading mode.

I´ve checked for fault codes with vcds but there are none. The 5A and 15A fuse is ok.

I´ve had it Indoors in my garage over night but no difference.

Shortly before I´ve changed tires and had it in jacking mode.

The car is leveled so I don´t think it´s something wrong with the height sensors?

I´m thinking if the relay has hanged up and thereafter burned the compressor?

Is there anyway to check the relay? Ohm measure it to see if it´s faulty maybe?

How can I check the compressor?

Big thanx in advance!

Greetings Johan.


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The 40A fuse under the seat is ok.

The rear seems to be in loading mode and the front in dynamic.

I have the following fault codes:

01250 Function deactivation, valve duty control 001 Upper limit exceeded

Time 15:03:59

01400 suspension level control 002 Lower limit exceeded

Time 15:13:40

01583 Leak in system detected 000 Intermittent

Time 16:27:46

01770 Temperature sensor for level control 008 Implausible signal

Time 16:38:56


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Ok, not the best forum in the world I´m guessing..

I bypassed the relay and the compressor still didn´t work.

After taking it down I get why, the wires were damaged right were they go into the compressor.