Q7 Air suspension problem


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Aug 24, 2021
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Hi wondering if anyone could help me , so few months back i had both green and orange lights on the dash, checked it over on friends plug in computer showing overheating , further inspection found valve block was leaking which caused the compressor to burn out so i had both replaced, everythings been fine for months then suddenly get in the car on the morning for work and i have a constant orange flashing light car is still raised no uneven leveling, but the compressor dusnt even start up no noise anything so i checked 40amp fuse under seat that seems fine and i changed the relay just incase that had blown when i did that the compressor started and worked fine so i screwed all the dash back up wer the relay is housed and turned car off came back to it no more than 20 mins later and the orange light is flashing again . Any ideas as what it could be ?