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Air recirculation button wont stay on so have to breathe outside fumes

snattrass Nov 2, 2018

  1. snattrass

    snattrass Registered User

    Audi A3 2006 SLine Sportback 8P0


    A couple of months ago, I discovered that when I press the HVAC air recirculation button it lights up red but as soon as I release the button it goes off and as a result I am unable to prevent fumes being sucked in from outside traffic etc.

    I really don't know where to start.

    According to my garage several fault codes come up related to the heating / climate control system but one of them apparently is connected to the climate control module and after checking with Audi I was told my Climate control module (CCM) is not exactly the right part number for my car.

    The thing is the though even though the CCM is not technically exactly the right part for my car the recirculation button did previously work ever since I purchased the car 3 years ago. And I tried it with another Climate control unit (with the same part code as the one that was working before). And all the rest of the functions work on the CCU module (old and 2 replacement ones). So I suspect that it is something unrelated to the Climate Control Module but my garage is insisting I get the correct CCM before going forward with any other options. However I am having trouble sourcing the exact matching part code CCM as specified by Audi).

    So my question is how critical is it to get the exact CCM before checking other faults?

    I should also mention that a few months ago, There was some burning and noxious smoke suddenly poured out from under the bonnet while I was sitting stationary. No one has ever been able to identify what the issue was with the burning but to me smells like burning plastic - you can still smell it to this day to a lesser degree (I have been assured he clutch is fine).

    So I wonder whether it is related to the recirculation air quality sensor or recirculation air quality filter or recirculation air quality motor? Or maybe some plastic control dislodged and caused the noxious fumes.

    In which case are these hard jobs as in dashboard out jobs?

    Thanks for help am sooo frustrated and desperate to fix this.

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  3. JayTeeA38P

    JayTeeA38P Registered User

    Did you resolve this issue? I have the same problem with the Automatic Air Recirculation button not staying on. I'm assuming it's because there's a problem with the air quality sensor, since there's an error code to do with that.
  4. Gazwould

    Gazwould Registered User

    No need to fix .

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