Air Mass Meter Signal Too HIGH ???


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May 4, 2013
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Glasgow, Scotland
Hi guys,

Just had my 2002 A3 1.8T in Glasgow Audi today to have the ignition coils recal done. I also asked them to run a diagnostic on the car as l was expriencing rough idle, hesitation in 3+4 gear at 3500 revs which in turn illumnated the tractin control light.

Last week l had run injection cleaner through the car, cleaned the MAF and cleaned the Throttle body.

So they only changed 1 coil as it turns out that the car had 3 aftermarket coil packs and they could not replace them.

They did however find faults, Air mass meter signal too high and turbo/throttle connection pressure drop. I was advised by Audi that the pressure drop was prob because i had the throttle body off ??

So my question is would this indicate a faulty MAF Sensor ?? Would the MAF sensor trigger the traction control light to come on ??

Cheers for ay help !!

In reading through pages of forums, could this be a boost leak ?? if so is there anyway to test easily ??
Hi dave, im just reading through post on here. Acually the 1 im reading you are in it !! Anyways its quite interensting as someone called Murran is saying if i was getting the pressure drop fault with the MAF reading too high then its prob a boost leak !! Its only when im pushing the car in 3,4,5 gear the tcl comes on !! Im really starting to think its a leak rather than the MAF !!

If i go disconect the maf and run for a few miles and the tcl does not come on, then its the MAF ??
But if its still the same under heavy load, then its a leak ???

What you thiink?

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