Air Mass Meter and Coolant Temp. Sensor

nu boy

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Nov 25, 2007
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I want to replace the c.t.s and m.a.f and would like to know if i have to reset the faults when i have finished replace the sensors or just disconnect the battery for half an hour and that will do it.

The fault codes will remain in the memory until cleared. But this wont stop the new parts making the engine run properly.

What sysmptoms did you have?
The car was just oscillating all the time especially when i stop in traffic.I had it VAG and the above faulty components popped up.:beerchug:
dont rely on those parts being the cause... i have these problem moons ago on my A3 1.8T and i found it to be a split DV return pipe.

Have the air hoses checked first (especially the ones nearer the engine that get warmer) then start changing the more expensive bits.
That a good idea i'll have them check out.

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