Air Filter Servicing Requirements.


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Anyone know how often a 2017 b9 S5 needs its intake air filter changed?

The myAudi app says:

Air filter: clean housing and renew filter element every 60k miles.

Is that right?

My new to me S5 had it's inspection with oil change service in november this year, from a main dealer. Today i opened up an the air filter housing, to find it was crammed full of leaves and other debris.
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I thought it was around 50,000 miles which is a joke. I check mine every now and then just to clear out the rubbish. Can't see any harm in replacing early, not knowledgeable enough to know if there's any benefits to annual replacement etc.

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You won't do any harm by changing the air filter as much as you like, although it's also unlikely that you'll get much benefit from changing it too regularly. Personally I would just remove any leaves or large debris by hand between services.


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4-years or around 60,000 miles fairly typically these days since "longlife" servicing became prevalent.


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I change every 15-20,000 km, in the summer because they drank too much, but if smartly, you need to read the manual for your car.