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Air Con Pulley Rubbers (Supplier)

Dibs_h Nov 18, 2018

  1. Dibs_h

    Dibs_h Member VCDS Map User

    I can hear an occasional rattle from the pulley\belts every so often. A chap I know said it was the air con pulley - he pushed it side to side with the engine off & I could hear the clunk. He said the rubber thingies inside had gone and either repair\bodge them or new pulley.

    After searching the forum, it came down to a new pulley. Found the guy on eBay who is selling them out of Germany for 80 quid delivered. Was about to buy one but after a bit more searching - I found a supplier of the rubber (cush drive) rubbers.


    Ordered on a Sunday & arrived on a Friday. Now just need to fit them. LOL

    There was a link to some company in Ireland on a previous thread - but the website is dead.

    Thought the link might help someone out.
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