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Help Please Air Con Condenser Leak Detection?

777GE90 Jul 2, 2018

  1. 777GE90

    777GE90 Member

    Hi, my 2014 B8.5 has a slow air con leak (the gas lasts approx 1 month). Given the age of the car my best guess is stone chip damage to the condenser. I had a poke around today and can see lots of stone chip impact points on the condenser, see below. My understanding is the condenser is capable of taking some hits but there is no easy way to know if it is leaking from there unless I use UV dye. Do you think it is worth replacing the condenser or should I get someone to look at other parts of the system too?

    I'm by far no expert but can anyone spot anything obvious in the pics that could indicate potential leak? I've had Kwik Fit regas it 3 times already and they refused to put UV die in saying there is no leak.

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  3. rum4mo

    rum4mo Well-Known Member

    Chiller systems have some lubricating oil in them and some of that gets carried round the pipework along with the liquid/gas, so normally you would expect to find damp oily dirty areas where there were leaks.

    Have you checked round about the pressure sensor area in the front area of the car/condenser/radiator ?

    Edit:- UV dye is messy stuff, okay for the first leak(s) search after that as it is almost impossible to clear away completely, it only leads to confusing and errors in diagnosing, so 10/10 for Kwikfit for not adding it in at this moment. Sniffing is a better way to find leaks - used pumped leak detectors appear on ebay, I bought an ARN134 years ago and it is still trust worthy - I think!

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