Air Con/Climate Problem


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Can anyone please help with a air con problem on a 1998 A6 V6tdi?????????
Dammed thing is always stuck on mode "ECO" except for if you press "Recy" when the compressor kicks in and does it's job ...cold air etc but will only work in mode recycling mode.Press "Recy" and "Eco" lights up again, press "Auto" and it still remains lit-It's like the "Eco" buttons knacked or stuck in??????

I have read on other forums people with the same problem but no solution as yet!!!

I have had the system re-filled with gas to no avail any ideas WELCOME!

Cheers in advance! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/ok.gif


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I started a thread on this in the Aircon section as my sister has the same problem in her car. We think that possibly it is the recirc flaps are stuck, but I will update more when/if she ever gets round to sorting it. Don't hold your breath though!


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Hi, i have the same problem on my A6 2001 , any ideas???


My problem turned out to be a couple of things. One was the fan to cool the condensor wasn;t working and the second turned out to be a leak on the compressor.

All changed now and seems to be ok.