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AIB Insurance - Club Membership

AIB Insurance Dec 5, 2019

  1. AIB Insurance

    AIB Insurance Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    AIB Insurance are excited to annouce their partnership with the Audi-Sport club, and look forward to offering it's members up to 15% discount on all quotations

    From the classic to the modern Audi, we will provide the perfect cover for your specialist vehicle, allowing you to relax and enjoy the drive.

    At AIB we offer exceptional bespoke insurance cover for Audi owners and understands that owning and driving a Audi is a unique experience and deserves one-of-a-kind insurance.

    Our highly-qualified team of advisers will tailor policies specifically to your needs and help you find the best quality cover at the best price. When finding the best policies, we take into account if you drive your Audi on a daily basis or not, what experience you have driving this type of vehicle, where it is kept day and night and the security to ensure your pay as little as possible.

    Additional benefits we can included if requested:
    • Tailored Audi insurance
    • Modifications covered on a like for like basis
    • Choice of own repairer in the event of a claim
    • European cover available
    • Unlimited windscreen cover (for specific insurers)
    • UK & European breakdown cover
    • Free legal cover for club members
    • Experience & Ownership discounts
    • Limited mileage policy discounts
    Speak to our experience team today on 02380 268351 for an instant quote and cover and quote "AUDI-SPORT.NET" for your discount.

    We look forward to speaking to and insuring some of you!

    Leah Burt
    AIB Insurance
    02380 268351
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  3. Audi Bairn

    Audi Bairn Moderator Staff Member Moderator Gold Supporter

    Is the discount available to ASN members who own non-Audi cars?
  4. AIB Insurance

    AIB Insurance Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Good Afternoon,

    Yes the discount is applicable to any vehicle providing you are a member of the club :icon thumright:

    Please do give the team a call on 02380 268351 when your car insurance is due, we'll hopefully save you lots of money.


    AIB Insurance
    02380 268351
  5. T-1000

    T-1000 Registered User

    Just thought I’d share my experience of AIB this morning.

    Renewal is due on the 9th so thought I’d try a couple of ‘Forum’ sponsors.

    First call was to Chris Knott, after 2 mins on the phone I was told they couldn’t insure the RS3 because I wasn’t married and it’s in my other half’s name..... never heard that before !
    The telephone guy didn’t seem interested in the slightest and practically put the phone down on me..........never again.

    Second call was to AIB, couldn’t be more helpful, a chap called Murray took all my details, came back to me around 15 mins later with a better quote than my renewal from LV.
    Very Mod friendly too, in fact he said they like modified cars a lot.

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  6. Ricky Burrows

    Ricky Burrows Registered User

    Additional benefits required if asked - choice of own repairer in event of a claim?

    Your legally aloud to take your car anywhere you want to be repaired. :shrug:

    Yes your small print may say you have to pay a larger excess but if tell the garage YOU want to use then they will take that into consideration in the quote and effectively pay for it so your never out of pocket anyway.
  7. AIB Insurance

    AIB Insurance Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Hi Ricky,

    Thank you for your reply :)

    It is subject to the policy wording, we would love to discuss this with you further on 02380268351

    Ask for me personally, Leah.

    Thank you
  8. mjcairney

    mjcairney Active Member Gold Supporter

    I spoke to Adam today who managed to save me 30.5% from the renewal quote I had received from Direct Line, many thanks for that not inconsiderable saving. Also, Direct Line included a £500 excess against his £250, all making it a no-brainer to move over.
    He will get a chance to quote for my wife's A3 when it comes up for renewal.
    Thank you Adam! :icon thumright:
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  9. josul

    josul Registered User

    Just spoke to Darren at AIB, very professional and helpful - 20 min phone call and all set up for next month at a cracking price! Many thanks @AIB Insurance.
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  10. Nitro_CR

    Nitro_CR Registered User

    Hi, my insurance is coming up for renewal.
    On your website, you seem to have the date range set to people 25 years or older? Is that correct? Would you not insure me as I am only 23?
  11. AIB Insurance

    AIB Insurance Site Sponsor Site Sponsor

    Good Afternoon,

    We do insure drivers under 25 so please give the team a call on 02380 268351 and we'd love to assist.

    Many Thanks

    Leah Burt
    AIB Insurance
    02380 268351
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