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Agu slow.. HELP!!

A3939 Nov 26, 2017

  1. A3939

    A3939 New Member

    Hi guys girls, recently purchased a 1.8t agu a3, 1999, my apu a4 1999 was recently wrote off and went like a rocket in comparison having an extra 100 tho on the clock, have done all the usual vacume tests, boost tests, full service ect, but just feels so slow, diagnostic check comes back clear, any ideas common problems?, the only thing I have done is put an 8d0 ignition amplifier on as older 4d0 unit was playing up, I know these are different part no's but seems to run fine with it, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance..
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  3. antwan64og

    antwan64og Active Member

    Its only got a little ko3-011 rated to 170 G/S at full chat by Borg Warner.

    Have you done basic maintenance Oil change, fresh spark plugs, new airfilter?

    Assuming you have good compression, Its an 18yr old car and much will be perished so to even get it back to stock power (~120 G/S) there might be much to do.
    Replace the vacuum and boost hoses with silicon.
    The bigger pcv hose from under the inlet manifold is especially prone to splitting.
    The diverter valve is probably tired.
    The n75 and pcv valve might be also.
    Fuel pump is likely to be tired too.
    The wastegate can also be tired.

    VCDS logs make indicate MAF and O2 sensor health.

    What does the max MAF reading show as in logs as a possible indicator of being previously flashed with a tuned file.
  4. Mark Greenall

    Mark Greenall Member

    It's AGU so I presume it's 150bhp.
    I have had one for 4 years and it was never really quick. I changed all hoses, N75, Diverter valve, ignition amplifier.
    Cleaned sump. Pretty much spent 2 grand on it over time.
    It's currently in my Garage on sorn.
    I replaced it with a 2010 Golf mk6 2.0 tdi 110bhp and to be honest the golf is probably quicker.
    Don't expect too much out of it as someone said it's lost about 25 horses over the years.
  5. willhutson74

    willhutson74 Member

    jeeesus .. my wee A3 turbo is auto and a rocket .. not off the line obviously but from 50kmh up it hummmmms

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