AGU Dead :(


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Mar 25, 2013
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Hey guys, sad times for me i'm afraid.

Just got this a3 1.8t with agu lump a month ago 165k, had decent service history and new timing belt, clutch/flywheel and other bits and ran sweet, the prev owner admitted it uses a bit of oil but nothing untoward which i noticed and topped up when needed, nothing major and not smokey, except when left idling for a while then drivin off but still not alarming.

So the other day the GF was drivin it and the red oil warning light comes on the mfa, i wasnt with her and she continued on her journey after the car was cold she checked the oil lvl which was low so i met her at this point and topped the oil up then on her way back the car lost all power and came to a stop, when i got to the car it had been sittin maybe half an hour. i tried starting it, it did eventually splutter up to idle but when i gave it throttle it died immediatley.

I got the car transported home and have got the engine in a few bits, so far ive discovered the cam chain tensioner is totally knackered -
IMG_23691.jpg Photo by Enigma5010 | Photobucket

When i took the rocker cover off i noticed large bits of the tensioner slider material all over the place and in around the inlet cam sprocket, also i spotted that the inlet cam sprocket notch was no-longer lining up with the arrow on the cam cap when the exhaust cam and timing belt sprocket were correctly aligned so i pressume oil pressure has dropped, the tensioner has slackened and the inlet cam has retarded a few teeth as its not being forced on b the chain??

What could cause this? Lack of oil? faulty oil pump?

Someone mentioned that these engines are prone to the oil feed from the sump cloggin up, could this be the cause?

i havent got the head off yet to inspect the valves for bendage as i need a long hex key socket bit, also wanted to get a look in the bottom end but was foiled by one bolt at the sump at the box end being a total ***** to get at so looks like the only way is to separate the block and box slightly.

I'm just wondering if it even worth sortin this motor as i'm gonna be into 300+ bucks easily to fix maself.

Whats your thoughts guys? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Cam chain tensioner???? You sure that's not the VVT tensioner? The oil pick up pipe in the sump will be blocked, best case scenario the VVT tensioner, worst case turbos gone or block has seized. I'd probably try and pick up a second hand engine and put that in.