Aftermarket Stereo Fitting Woes

Stuart B

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Incidentally, if someone really wanted to defeat the billions of euros VAG spent trying to ensure constant traction - could you not put on cheap Chinese hard wider than standard tyres and over-inflate them with ESP off? you will soon start drifting then - even when trying to drive in a straight line.

I really struggle to get any wheel spin since changing tyres, resolving the latitudinal sensor and removing the 30psi MBC, although I have had understeer on a muddy road and on an adverse camber petrol station entrance on a diesel spill and after putting in 36psi instead of 32psi in the front tyres. unlike my crappy 150bhp 2 litre Mazda 3 which cannot even pull out of a junction without wheel-spinning and going nowhere - the traction control light flashes but doesn't actually do anything to control the wheel spin - its more of a notification than a controller.


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Definitely S4-ing some stage this year. I heard they have even have the proper Audi 4WD setup...the S3 is getting on my nerves....basically by the time the stupid fake Haldex 4WD comes on you are either on snow, a muddy field or sideways and just about to the normal everyday S3 driver will NEVER experience the 4WD that is claimed for his/her vehicle
Having went from using my A4 1.9tdi quattro as my daily to using an A3 1.9tdi quattro I totally agree with you. My A4 has far better grip than the A3 and feels a lot more planted on the bends. Don't get me wrong. I do enjoy driving the A3 but I wouldn't part with my A4 to keep the A3..