Aftermarket Radio - HELP please

Kido Skillz

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Please help guys as i'm in deep ****

I've been to Ground Zero Audio car center bla bla, they're good enough as they did before my bimmer and all was good but now we've got a problem.

We've been working to find out what's wrong since 9:45am till now 12:45pm and still nothing.

We've used over 30 adapters for Audi with BOSE system, the problems are:

When we tried the first adapter, the front speakers and rear subwoofer was working normally as it should, but no rear speakers.

When we tried the second adapter, the rear speakers work alone, no front or subwoofer.

Also when turning on the player or volume from 0 to 1 for example, it was making a loud noise, same like when you hit your home cinema jack to a metal piece or your fingers.

The guy gave up after 3 hours, we tried all the AUDI adapters from his shop and none work properly.

Can anyone help me with a advice?

S3 8L 2000 - pre-facelift, bose system.

Thank you.



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When i changed my head unit i asked pioneer about it. They gave me the CTSAD00C wiring loom, which cost me around €74. Expensive but i had no problems with it. It works with bose and non-bose systems.
Also try go to the start-up settings in your new head unit(should be in the manual somewhere) as your settings might be set as treating the rear speakers as sub woofer and only playing low herts sounds.


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Glad to here that mate .... I have the same pre facelift and bose so knew what you needed