Aftermarket HeadUnit Suggestions?


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I currently have the RNS-e which works brilliantly with my ipod in the glovebox but im looking at getting one that will bluetooth to my Samsung S4. Ideally im wanting; - Bluetooth Music & Phone - Built in Satnav - Looks good in my A3 Does anybody have any suggestions on brand or a certain headunit (i know Kenwood and Alpine have always been the giants when it comes to this)


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Do you primarily want the S4 to be your central hub or can the ipod continue to be used or music?

The ipod unit, is this the older style unit with no data on head unit, as if you can stay with ipod, then we could upgrade you to the mk2 rns-e & then add ami which will give you all artist track album data on rns & we can add BT for the use of phone interaction with the S4, costly but it all works with the cars systems faultlessly & seamless :)