Aftermarket headunit help.. Bose system.

Sounds to me like the the live remote fed isn’t connected. From memory it’s usually either (red or blue) cable. Find the wiring diagram of the headunit and find which is the live remote. Then you need to connect it to the correlating cable to the adaptor. In the old days you used to swap these cables over depending on what car you were installing the headunit into.

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Yea I tried that. ( It's Blue ) still didn't power up. Stereo has been tested and does work. I've had the meter on the plug. It looks like I'm getting a permanent live but no ignition live .


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Its a bit of a cheap move but i ran the remote live wire into the back on my aircon module haha! Just find the live and push your wire in. Worked a treat for 3 years haha

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