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Aftermarket head unit.

Jackhlms Sep 11, 2019 at 8:02 PM

  1. Jackhlms

    Jackhlms New Member

    I bought my first audi a couple months ago and it has a standard head unit in with no aux, just fm radio and cd player. I want to change it to an aftermarket one. This one. I was wondering what else i would need to do it (fro example any other wires) and how i would go around doing it as i want to do it myself. I dont really know alot when it comes to this so any info would be helpfull.

    I have an audi a3 8p pre facelift. 3 Doors

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. leonwilliams

    leonwilliams Active Member

    If your not sure there's loads of info on here . If you cant find go to halfords and speak to them. Then do a bit of research they have the leads and connectors. But you'll be able to get leads cheaper elsewhere ie Ebay and other site's dont rush to get it done. Take your time I did that I have a pumpkin setup still using existing sub in my boot also have separate sub running along side and it sounds great..

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  4. LanceG

    LanceG DIY until I break it LOL

    So your going for a double din! SICK

    If you have a double din already in your car, nice and easy, if you have a single din, it's a bit of extra work.

    You'll need a fascia (Plastic the surrounds the stereo and fills the blanks spaces) and there's 2 types

    Type 1 with square cut out in the middle (old style)
    [​IMG]@pioneer_car SPH-DA120 (Apple CarPlay) installed into Audi A3 2009 #CEN #audi #audia3 #audigramm #audisport #audis3 #applecarplay #apple #iphone #caraudio #carsofinstagram #carswithoutlimits #carstagram #pioneer #auditt #audilove #audilife by Car Electronics, on Flickr

    Type 2, looks like one piece (new style)

    Both can be found in your car audio stores... Dynamics sounds, car audio security

    Type 1 - https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/aud...-stalk-fitting-kit.html?search=audi a3 fascia

    Type 2 - https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/con...ing-adaptor.html?search=audi a3 fascia&page=2

    Then you'll need the correct harness.. I stand by connect2 kit. and it'll also depend if you have Bose kit or half bose/ quad lock or iso lock. Pull your stereo out to find out



    Talk to the guys at the store you go to pick up your kit from, they should know exactly what you'll need
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