Aftermarket Head Unit in B7 Cab with Bose


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Hi all!
I apologise as I know there is other posts about this but there's ALOT of conflicting information and I'm struggling to get a definitive answer to what I want to know.

The brand's I'm considering:
Erisin (seemingly best value for money)
Dynavin (Only if clearly the best due to huge price difference)

I'd anyone has any other suggestions I'm open to them. Or even a non OEM look head Unit could be considered I just couldn't find a decent picture of one installed to see how I feel about the non OEM look as I do think a lot of them look a bit tacky with lots of blue flashing lights.

So the main questions are:

Any reason I should avoid the above?

Any recommendations?

Will all of those work automatically with Bose?

The last question is important to me as sound quality really is important to me so I want to be using the bose amplifier. I've seen people using in line converters which must be atrocious for the sound quality, using the cheaper stock amplifier then transforming the signal back down and amplifying it again. So do all of these work with a preamp and does the head unit then control the gain of the Bose amplified successfully and if not how do I do that?

Thanks for any help!


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Ok I have pumpkin setup had it 2 years now none Bose but have sub in boot with amp.ive connected another amp to head unit a d put a JBL sub in boot along side existing sub and amp. I also have reverse camera installed.

The sound for me is spot on the bass I have total control it's off the hook radio quity is ok I dont listen to the radio. It works with steering g wheel controls a d co nne TSA to my phone as soon as I get in car.boot time bout 10 to 12 seconds its wired so it only comes on with ignition.

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