After market keyless entry alarms.


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Just thought I would ask on here.
I'm hopefully collecting A6 3.0tfsi avant on Saturday, but I thought it had keyless entry. I was wrong.

So after searching the net, I realised that fitting original Audi system was rather expensive.
Then I thought about remote engine start.
A quick look on Ebay brings up a raft of different types. Most with keyless entry.
Has anyone on here ever fitted one. And what's it like to live with.
I've been looking at the one's with a start/stop button so it looks like an original type.


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Have you got a link to one of these systems, retrofitting keyless to the C6 would be a big install and require a fair amount of modules, parts & wiring. I don't know any any aftermarket system that would even work on the C6 model, as it would need to link in the immobiliser which would be difficult.


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That's not going to work on a C6 Audi, the immobilizer is the problem here and it cannot be removed,or coded for aftermarket keys. Also another module controls the remote central locking, and that module also controls a lot of other functions on the car so again cannot be removed.

Your only option is the OEM route, the alarm/security/immobilizer is far to embedded into the car electrical system to removed, and if you tried to remove the immobilizer then nothing on the car would work, most of the modules would go into component protection and could only be removed by an Audi dealer, and the immobilizer would need to be refitted as component protection removal require the master digital key stored in the immobilizer module.