Help Please After Market Alloys / Springs and Exhaust.


A4 S Black Edition Avant
Hey chaps, I have an A4 Avant S Line Black Edition 2013 (Diesel 143 - 148 BHP) and I'm beginning my journey on making it more, me.

I have two main questions,

1. I want to lower the car, not dramatically but enough. I'm currently running 19 inch alloys, would 20 inch wheels reduce the arch gap or would I still need lowering springs? I'm unsure about what size to go for.

2. The car is too quiet, are there any exhausts out there that won't break the bank that will also give it a little guts? Not trying to be make it a Jap car however.

I'm a complete rookie, so speak slowly haha.

Thanks everyone.


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A4 S Black Edition Avant
Thanks mate, I love it.

I think for me, the exhaust is becoming my main focus. Just missing that gutsy sound.


A4 Sline

Something like this without the whistle.


A4 S Black Edition Avant
That's excellent, just the sort of thing to help with my decision.

With regards to the wheels, I'm thinking about getting 19 inch alloys, 9.5 rear and 8.5 front. I'm hoping that'll be ok. I'm still stupidly confused about offsets etc.