AFN Bare Cylinder Head & Turbo For Sale


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Sorry to place this ad here, but haven't had much lick with the classifieds in the past, and seeing as this is the diesel section, thought I'd post this here.

I've got an AFN cylinder head, and turbo.

I bought both originally to fit to a '98 VW Passat 1,9TDI 90, as I was keen to up the power, and of course, the 90 PS engine has a different turbo.

I ended up selling the car, so the parts purchased are still here.

I also have the injectors, will split the lot if anyone's interested.
All the parts came off a '99 A4 1,9TDI 110, with 92,000miles, and are all in pretty good shape.

Does not include valves, tappets or camshaft.