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Advise retrofitting 193 mk2 RNS-E with AMI in B6 A4

Az Dec 9, 2017

  1. Az

    Az Hard slammed!


    I'm in the middle of swapping over faceplates from my b6 A4 RNS-E onto a recently aquired mk2 8J 193D RNS-E from a mk2 TT and was wondering if someone can confirm what model din fitment AMI I should purchase to fit into the din slot of my glove box. I understand I need the Kufatec retrofit harness for it to work (and coding) but just want to know if any din sized AMI would be compatible with it (im looking at an 8T0 035 785A)

    Also could anyone confirm which AMI iPod cable I would need to work with an 6th gen iPod which would give me full control of the ipod via the RNS-E or steering wheel controls and also track listing etc even on the DIS?

    Thanks in advance
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  3. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    All AMI's are the same size. They just work with different vehicles.
    8P is for A3/TT and will work with your A4

    8T is for A4/A5/Q5 with concert/symphony radio

    8K? I think is the MMI 2G version for A4/A5/Q7/A6/A8 with MMI 2G

    If you existing A4 doesnt have a CD changer slot in the glove box you will need a new glove box to house the AMI correctly
  4. Az

    Az Hard slammed!

    Yeah that was my question really, I just need to know if the part number would be compatible, as literally every AMI that is available has an 8T0 part number, and if your saying they are originally for an A4/A5/Q5 that has a concert / symphony headunit would it be compatible with the 8J0 035 193D RNS-E that was originally out of a mk2 TT?

    And with the iPod lead, do you know which coloured collar lead I would need to be compatible with my gen 6 iPod?
  5. Darren92

    Darren92 Registered User

    For the RNSE you need the 8P/42 AMI, the others are for other models only as per what Craig has listed and won't work with the RNSE.
  6. Az

    Az Hard slammed!

    Lovely thanks for the replies.

    So just the correct ipod lead to figure out now then as confusing what colour collar I'll need, seen blue and yellow collared leads but also read that a white collared lead is required to display tracks details?

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