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Hi All,

I am new here and have just ordered a A6 2.0 TDI Avant Black Edition in Ibis white (still not sure if I should change it to black as I do like both colours) I am wondering if I should stick with the standard S Line suspension or should I go for the sports Suspension just as its 10mm lower and looks nicer. I do 25-30K miles per year mainly in the UK I have come from a 330D M sport BMW with run flats, I have test driven the A6 with the the S Line suspension and I thought it was a nice drive and comfortable.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.



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I have the optional S line suspension on my car - it sits 10mm lower than the "sport" suspension normally fitted to S line cars. My car also has 20" wheels, and it still has a very supple ride. Of course, it's entirely subjective - another person might hate the ride - but for what it's worth I'm happy with the choice I made.




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I ended up going for the standard suspension as I didn't have any replies when i had to confirm the order. the car will be with me in a few days now. Thanks for your reply.

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Thats a shame nobody got back to before you had to confirm the order, this area isn't as busy as the A3 and A4 sections really.
You will love it enjoy, make sure you get some pictures up :)


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Any news on your car? I think given how many miles you do, the suspension choice you made was right, the S-Line Sports suspension is not representative of how luxurious the car is. Although I'm not sure about a white A6 - big and white on the road, yikes! I've always thought car colours were akin to how women should dress... big girls wear black to hide the bulk, skinny can do bright colours.