Advice when buying a 3.0 TFSI Avant


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Hi Everyone

I've been looking at A6 Avants and would want a 3.0 TFSI from around 2012-2014. Any advice on things too look out for?

Am I right in thinking that it's the same engine as the B8 S4s just in a slightly lower state of tune?

I know the S-tronic boxes need servicing every 38K and wouldn't touch one that didn't have good service history

Thanks in advance!


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I am sure that you realise that out of the 451,500 cars for sale on Autotrader, there is only one 3.0 TFSi Avant for sale! I would go for a Euro 6, ULEZ-compliant diesel 272 BHP car. Nicer to drive and 50% more economical.


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If you do manage to get one , make sure it has low miles anything under 70k should be fine.
The piston rings on the early models had a tendency to let oil past.
I had the previous model with the same engine and it was a dream to drive.
I had it mapped over 400bhp. It was a proper sleeper.
I've swapped it for a C7 diesel and I'm really regretting it.
The 3.0tfsi is vastly more refined and smoother and the launch from standstill is epic.
Happy hunting.