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Advice please

JM11EEE Jul 3, 2018

  1. JM11EEE

    JM11EEE New Member Audi S3

    Hi all, long time reader here... need a bit of advice from anyone willing.... (yes this is a bit of a long read and I thank anyone who reads it and offers some advice)

    First off I have a S3 received on 6th july 2015. It's business financed through Audi finance.

    Now I've had quite a few problems with this car.. First it started with a dead MMI unit back in 2016 in which it just wouldn't turn on, pop up etc. took it to my local dealership, in Cambridge, UK (didn't get the car through them but have always used them) and it was replaced a month or so later.

    Last year I had an standard oil change done, month later I saw an oil puddle where I park the car at home, I also had had a couple of Start/stop malfunctions. Took it in, oil leak confirmed and fixed. Month later I had spark plugs replaced routinely (august time). Couple of months after that I had multiple EPC warnings flash up, Turbo misfires, more start/stop malfunctions and it's idle running was very loud and uneasy, took it in for it to be investigated.. Initially they had no idea, put it down to a regulator or something for the automatic start/stop system, that needed replacing, thought they fixed it after it being in for around a week and a half.

    Picked it up and drove it home, few days later got another EPC warning under the same circumstances of trying accelerate which caused the EPC light turn on, lack of acceleration and power. Rang them next day and told them, was booked in (no slots till January time now) next 'fix' was more oil changes, test drives and trying to replicate the circumstances for it to flash up for them. Confident it was sorted picked it up and admittedly it felt a lot smoother..

    2 months later another EPC warning, same circumstance, full acceleration, gearbox spazzes out, turbo misfires. this time the emission warning light comes on. Drive it to audi first thing next day. Technician plugs in, says nothing but gets it booked in. In it goes, he says a faulty spark plug is the cause of the turbo misfire.. I'm thinking.... right.. ok? they were replaced last year by yourselves. Very sheepish they shrugged it off and I didnt really pursue it more (should of at this point).

    Since that (april) I haven't had any misfires, I have had a start/stop malfunction...

    Went in for a routine oil change in May (nothing to report). Went in for an MOT Friday, rang me on my way to pick it up, passed it's MOT but a small note that there's a slight oil leak (YES ANOTHER OIL LEAK AFTER ANOTHER OIL CHANGE!). He wants it kept in as warranty ran out on 1st of July and as it was already it in can be covered by warranty... a girl I've never dealt with at my dealership rang me this afternoon to give me an update (quite odd as I've been going there for around 8 years and always dealt with the same guys) She was very quick to tell me it needs a new ****** gearbox!!!! They want to keep it in while they order the new box in which will take around a week

    Now I'm really fed up with this car (as much as I love it when it drives fine)... My warranty has now expired, given its track record, I'm almost guaranteed to have something else go wrong with it in the next year, which is going to cost me an absolute bomb..

    What i'm asking is has anyone else with a business finance through Audi Finance had similar experiences? I'm thinking of contacting them with all this information to either return the car ASAP (3 years into a 4 year finance contract) or get some sort of reimbursement, replacement or even a warranty extension?
    Any opinions, advice and help is very much appreciated.

    Thanks all for reading,
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  3. Chris43

    Chris43 Well-Known Member S-line owners group Team Nano Grey Audi A3

    Having had it for 3 years I think you'll struggle to return the car. Audi will argue that despite the being un reliable they have honoured the warranty repairing faults as they've occurred. You've had a lousy experience so I understand your view. I think the best course is to contact Audi UK direct and see what they are prepared to do. The options I see

    1) Fight for your warranty extension / replacement - you could take to bashing your dealer on Social media but always stick to the facts
    2)Voluntarily terminate the PCP, this means you will walk away with nothing but VWFS will suck up any negative equity you have, this assumes you have paid 50% of the finance agreement value by now
    3) Sell it privately
    4) Trade it against another car, you maybe able to convince Cambridge Audi to give you an exceptional deal.

    This probably doesn't help !
  4. RichardT

    RichardT Well-Known Member Team Brill Red saloon Audi A3

    I think I would push hard for a warranty extension.
    The fact is that, agreeing with the above, they don’t owe you anything.
    Not sure you should attack the dealer on social media without any evidence they are at fault with anything.
  5. Bells

    Bells Well-Known Member Team Daytona Team Ara Blue Team V6 Audi S3 Audi S5

    If the new gearbox is linked to the problems you experienced previously and the work carried out didn’t fix the underlying problem can’t you argue that it should be covered under warranty as you’d reported the fault multiple times whilst under warranty? May be difficult to prove though.

    If you do end up paying for the new gearbox I’d get in contact with Audi UK, some on here have had success in getting goodwill gestures from Audi to contribute to at least part of the repair bill so you don’t foot the whole cost.
  6. RichardT

    RichardT Well-Known Member Team Brill Red saloon Audi A3

    I don’t think he has a problem with the current gearbox change, as they picked that up just before the warranty expired. His concern is with possible problems moving forward
  7. wab172uk

    wab172uk Now in an X3 M40i

    With all the problems you've had, don't sell it privately. Just means the next guy get a problem car without a dealer warranty.

    I'd push Audi for a warranty extension, or at least contribute to half the cost. If they don't, still buy the warranty yourself. That way you can keep the car, pay out the contract, and if anything goes wrong in the remaining year, it's warranty covered.
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  8. S32B

    S32B Well-Known Member S tronic Audi A5 Coupe

    Spot on, I couldn't do that to anyone, I wouldn't sleep at night!
  9. RichardT

    RichardT Well-Known Member Team Brill Red saloon Audi A3

    If you buy a warranty extension you need to make sure that the things you suspect may cause a problem are covered. These warranty extensions are not like the full 3 year warranty. Not everything is covered.

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