Advice please , think insurance company is trying to do me over!


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Oct 18, 2005
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I’ll try and make this brief.
My 2006 A3 8P has been written off after an accident, it was insured for only 2K (my estimate) as it wasn’t worth getting an agreed value policy on it like I have with the TT.
Despite being a 2006 car with 212K miles on it the A3 was absolutely immaculate and could have almost passed for a 5yr old vehicle.
I fastidiously maintained it and have 2 lever arch files of history/bills , everything spent/done on the car has been documented.
So the company have assessed it (via photos, no physical inspection) and they’ve offered £1200.
To me this is an insult and is nowhere near what it would cost to buy anything remotely similar, on eBay cars not as nice are going for £1950-£2950.
So I contacted them and immediately they said that if it had full history they’d increase their offer by £250.
Whilst still a ridiculous offer (in my eyes) I sent them photos of my files and paperwork, only to receive a reply that my documents “weren’t acceptable” as they’re not official garage invoices etc.
I’ve never had to deal with insurance companies like this before so is this normal?
According to the Financial Conduct Authority they should be offering me a decent market value, which they’re not.
Is there anything realistically that that can be done?
I have come across on the internet an option to complain about my insurers to the Financial Ombudsman Service but don’t know whether this’ll get me anywhere?
I don’t need the settlement money to purchase another car so as far as I’m concerned this can drag on as long as it takes because to me it’s now a matter of principle.


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May 10, 2018
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Never accept their first offer, they will always try and lowball you. Get some adverts for similar spec/mileage/condition from Autotrader and forward them to your insurance company and see what they come back with.