Advice please, Interior lights.


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Hi all, a 2018 petrol Avant. 9000 miles.
I have a problem with the interior lights. Something I have not noticed before, due to me hardly ever using it at night. And when I do, the house outside flood lights go on. So lots of light.
So, I assume that every time any one of the doors is opened, the lights come on. That is, the car is unlocked via the remote key, door opened, lights on, or should they come on, on unlocking, or the car has been used, stopped, exited and returned to, lights come on.
I charged the battery today, in case it was low voltage, because I get a message quite often saying “low voltage, will charge when running” Hardly doing any miles just now, of course.
BTW, the puddle lights are OK, all the time.
Problem. Mine have a life of their own, sometimes, most times, open door, zilch. Sometimes, only sometimes, they do work, but not for long, maybe 60 secs. But, if I then press the ignition button, but not start engine, on they come.
The fuse seems OK, certainly checks OK with a meter. There must be a timer, I assume, to turn them off, anyone know where it lives ? How does the car know when a door opens ? To turn them on. The door modules. I have an OBD11, but this is not a fault it would see, I think, ie the lights are on, or off, they are not shorted, or blown.
Please, any thoughts.