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Advice please - aux tensioner broke

SRRAE Nov 1, 2018

  1. SRRAE

    SRRAE Member

    My aux tension suddenly broke yesterday. No warning, no sounds the steering suddenly went impossible to move and a few moments later the alternator light came on. Looking at it, the housing has just snapped.

    The tensioner was replaced during a cambelt change in March.

    I got the car back to where the work was done and they have called me saying the alternator pully has caused the issue.

    Before the car was sent back to them. I checked the alternator pulley and it spun fine and smooth and had the weighty feel what alternators usually have.

    When they called I questioned what symptoms of a bad pulley were the guy on the phone said he didn't know as he wasn't one of the engineers.

    Can someone advice me on what to do? I'm no engineer but have dabbled with cars and the alternator pulley felt OK. If there was any play it wasn't enough to feel I don't think it was enough to cause a catastrophic failure. Ive basically been quoted £300 to get it fixed and its cost £50 to get it towed there.
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  3. EXSpartan36

    EXSpartan36 Active Member VCDS Map User Team Phantom S-line owners group saloon TDi Audi A4 Manual

    The alternator pulleys have a one way clutch in them which stops the vibration through the belt. If you spin the pulley clockwise then without letting go suddenly spin it anti clockwise the pulley should slip on the shaft. If it doesn't it means it's seized. Even tho the alternator sound freely.

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