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Advice please, 2006 A3 8p Decat downpipe

KaytynA3_8P Nov 30, 2020

  1. KaytynA3_8P

    KaytynA3_8P New Member

    Hey guys,new member here! So this is my first Audi,I've had it for about 2 years now. Its the BWA spec(147KW) ,2.0Tfsi DSG. Car is completely stock,so I wanted a bit more power out of it.So tomorrow I am going to install a 76mm decat downpipe..My question is,have any of you installed similar decatted downpipe WITHOUT cat foolers? Reason I am asking is because the shop I'm getting it done at is going to install it without any Co2 sensor cat foolers.The owner reassured me that on this model of A3's that it is not likely to throw any codes or check engine light even without the cat fooler installed, just wanted some advice or clarity on whether this is true and if any of you have done it? P.s reason I'm not putting the foolers on is because I can't afford it right now :( Broke 21 y.o college student lol,but luckily the guy gave me a good deal on the price because I said he could keep my stock cats which I know is worth some money.Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance.
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  3. danrst171

    danrst171 Registered User

    I mean, for the sake of £5-£10 you might aswell fit one surely?
  4. chris11122

    chris11122 Registered User

    I am interested in this as I am tempted to install a downpipe onto mine, albeit with a sports car instead of decat.

    I would imagine that the car will not like a decat at all without a remap or some trickery.

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  5. Charlie23

    Charlie23 Registered User

    Fitted a few down pipes on my S3's and some never had engine man lights come on some they came on after a week or so. If you got a hand held code reader turn the light off and go again for a few weeks before the light came back on.

    But 95% of the time no engine man lights came on. Only mainly came on once giving it some beans as its prob then reading to much as no cats so brings a the light on
  6. samuelh_888

    samuelh_888 Registered User

    What’s a cat fooler?

    I suspect your check light will come on.

    You can clear the code but it will come back. Get it done right so you don’t need to worry about it.

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