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Advice on which of these two xtrons units to get

xkieron99x Apr 15, 2019

  1. xkieron99x

    xkieron99x Member

    For the past couple of days i've been debating on which xtrons units to get.

    First one is a xtrons pa77aa3p and the other is a PA78AA3IP

    The price difference between the two is £29.99, but i can get the pa77aa3p in a matter of days compared to the andorid 8 one that comes from hong kong.

    Anyone able give me an idea on which i should grab. The android 8 headunit is tempting me with bluetooth 5.0 and the faster interials, but i will be using a zbox adapter anyway for carplay. Ideally if the android 7 headunit will be a fast headunit i will be happy with that.

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