Advice on exhaust tips. 2.0 tdi 170 bhp. Dual exhaust.


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Does anyone no the max width the exhaust tip can be. I want too go for an oval tip and want the max size that will fit the standard sline bumper. Also what is the size of the exhaust itself? Thanks. These are the ones I hope will fit.



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these are the one's i put on my car standard bumper sline 170 they fit perfect - the oval trim inside i striped these down and removed that and welded them back together they are just cheapies of ebay but looked good so i left them on but thats the size you can go to on the standard bumper
trim size.jpg


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Yea they look nice. Shame the bumper can't fit just some slightly bigger without chopping bits off. Cheers.


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yes its a shame i first wanted bigger but not over the top but these cost me £3 each from china but were only bought to test for size comparison and they have not gone rusty after 3 mth so i am keeping them now cant go wrong for the money they cost me


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I've just been out and measured the cut outs on my rear bumper and you may just get away with it with the 119mm.

It maybe a little fiddly but why not make a cardboard template that's 119x81mm and see how much room you have to play with.

tony mc

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mine are miltek ones and measure 112 mm o/d (on the outer edge) and there's still room to play around them
2015-01-10 20.31.07_resized.jpg

first pic was just after i got it on,

this after a bit of better lining up


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I have GT100 milltek tips from an S5 on my tfsi, but same dual exhaust bumper as yours.

The pipes that clamp to backbox had to be modified as they were too big, but no biggie for an exhaust place


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and mine..
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