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Advice on audi s tronic gearbox

The-black-edition Jun 22, 2020

  1. The-black-edition

    The-black-edition New Member

    Afternoon all

    Need some advise, got a a7 3.0tdi quattro s tronic (2014 7 speed) , ive had it serviced a few months ago by audi, i never drive it hard or putbit into sport. But the other day i did, and i noticed in the first 3 gears the automatic upshift in D and in S has a really harsh jolt at 4500 ish rpm. 3 to 4 as well but 4 onwards theres no jolt. Whilst driving around normally leaving the autobox in D, the changes are smooth as anything. But manual or auto shift/sport on foot down the first few gear are jolting pretty harsh

    Looking through the notes, the car didnt get test driven after the service. Are they supose to test drive after the service to make sure oil is everywhere? Are they suppose to reset the adaptations for the gearbox?

    Im just trying to wonder if they didnt top it up properly, or if theirs an air lock, or reset adaptations? Cars circa 50k with full history

    Im not worried as the normal drive is perfect, butbi find it really strange. Ive tried searching, but most searches say jerky in low rpm etc

    Any advice or help would be great

    The service mentions no test drive so unsure if they just did the fill to overflow but didnt get into all the voids??

    Thank you
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  3. The-black-edition

    The-black-edition New Member

    The service only liats 6 litres of atf, shouldnt it be 7l?
  4. Bishop187

    Bishop187 Active Member

    I take it you are talking about getting your s tronic serviced. If this the 1st or second service on the gearbox? As they should be serviced at 38k not 50k.

    Either way I would take it back to Audi, and ask them to look into it as they did the service.

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  5. The-black-edition

    The-black-edition New Member

    It was serviced bout 44k

    Im just looking and seeing that the car was not test driven and that they only put 6l in

    Ive only noticed the jerk on upshift recently as i never really drive hard. Mainly motorway cruising
  6. rafletcher

    rafletcher Active Member

    Not all the old oil can be sucked out (no drain plug) so the refill is always less than the actual capacity. And changes in sport under heavy load can be a bit jerky.

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