Advice on A6 2.7T Quattro


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Hi there,

I am new to the forum and I am afraid I am a novice when it comes to car mechanics, so I apoligise if my terminology is wrong.

I am considering buy the above car for £2700. Its a V Reg with 8200 on the clock and I would be using it to commute from Birmingham to Stratford. I would be part exchanging my old car, so essentially it would be be for £1700. I was wondering if I could get a guide to the mpg and the sort of things to look out for. Its an automatic as well.

Any advice you can offer would be gratefully recieved :)


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thats a good price for a low mileage car there! expect around 20-24mpg.


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£2700 for a 2.7T ? ? ? Sounds very very low to me, especially with a car that has only done 8200 miles :w00t:

Make sure you check it with a fine tooth comb