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Hello everyone

Bought myself an A4 Dynamik foem a dealer about a week ago. Delighted with it but it seems to sit up to 20mm lower at the rear on the drivers side. From ground to wheel arch is 675mm on one side and 655mm on the other. It's been lowered on red eibachs and just had an mot about 3 weeks ago.

Has anyone else encountered any issues with it being lower on one side than the other? I had a look at the springs as best as I could without a ramp or pit and they look in good nick, view was very limited though so wondering if there's a broken spring. No other symptoms I don't think either.

Have had a look at replacement springs as well incase I have to go down that route, but struggling to id the ones I have fitted. Does anyone know the standard ground to wheel arch height on a stock A4 b8?

Lastly, if it turns out to be a broken spring, should I get back in touch with the dealer. The number plate actually fell off as it was stuck onto the grille, I had to buy a replacement one today and fit it properly.



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I think that you need to get back to the supplying dealer asap about this as the longer you leave it the less they will feel that it is their problem - which it is.
There is no way that a car from a dealership should have that kind of problem.
Agree with rum4mo; get it back to them asap, as each day that passes means they are less inclined to deal with it.