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Advice needed. Jacking and Arches

palfy86 Jul 17, 2013

  1. palfy86

    palfy86 Active Member Audi A4

    The cars in for a major paint correction detail next month, so before it goes in i want to paint the calipers and clean the arches and suspension components.

    So my questions are...

    Wheres the best jack points and points for the axle stands to be located so that i can do a axle at a time?

    Whats the best products/method to use as regards cleaning the arches etc?

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. mattyb6

    mattyb6 Active Member

    There are jacking points along the sill next to each wheel. Dead easy :)
    axel stand can be used in various places, but as the name suggest put them on the axels. (Rear lower wishbone or subframe)

    as for cleaning just use some TFR ( traffic film remover) undiluted, spray on leave for 10mins and pressure wash off. Just don't get on ya paint work lol

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