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Advantages of Become a Member on Our Website

Juicy Jen Jan 12, 2012

  1. Juicy Jen

    Juicy Jen Jen @ Juicy Detailing Site Sponsor

    The way that we originally set up Juicy Detailing was to show only the full rrp prices on the products that we stocked unless you were a registered and signed in member. However after attending a couple of shows last year it was evident that we were missing quite a lot of customer traffic as you don't automatically register on a site (even though that lovely pair on the right hand side of the website are a bit difficult to miss!).

    Therefore we now show the RRP and our reduced price (if applicable) to help pass on a little to YOU the customer which in turn makes better value for money. The only way that you can take advantage of these reduced prices is by becoming a member otherwise the basket will not let you proceed any further.

    There are no discount codes that you need to enter or forget the next time you order as we prefer to offer favourable prices to all our customers whether they are part of a forum or not - keep things simples.

    We do get asked why we do not offer free postage like some of the other online retailers but we can't offer both the discount and free postage unfortunately! You should find that with the lower prices and the postage combined that your still making a saving.

    We have prices reduced up to 22.5% on some items rather than restricted to 15% as we have expanded the brands stocked and also as a member you will receive our weekly newletter Juicy Junction that has extra offers such as the famous Juicy Hairy Muffs and information about what is going on at Juicy HQ - so make sure you look at for this in your inbox. Oh and be careful opening at work due to some of the tongue and cheek content :whistle2:

    You can also keep in contact with us via our facebook page



    or via twitter @juicydetailing


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